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BlizzardHazard 6

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 123
Requirements A blizzard can occur only during winter.
Survival DC 25 (expert)
Description A combination of heavy snowfall and wind reduces visibility and temperature significantly.
Prepare DC 21 Survival (trained) to notice escalations in the weather or 25 DC Nature (expert) to correctly interpret the behavior of local wildlife.
Routine (8+ hours) For the blizzard's duration, visibility is reduced to such an extent that visual Perception checks have a –4 circumstance penalty. Windstorm conditions (page 125) apply during a blizzard, and the regional temperature drops to severe cold. Once a blizzard starts, an unsheltered character takes 2d6 cold damage every hour. During a blizzard, a DC 25 Survival check is enough to find or create shelter to avoid additional cold damage from exposure, but each attempt to do so takes 1 hour. Once a blizzard ends, travel through the zone is treated as difficult terrain for a number of days equal to the number of flat checks that were required to end the blizzard.