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PFS StandardSpellshot

Legacy Content

Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
PFS Note Characters with a Home Region of Arcadia have access to all archetypes from Chapter 3 with the exception of fireworks technician and demolitionist.

Spellshots aren't ordinary gunslingers. They come from a tradition of ancient secrets and principles, which they temper with modern innovation and perspective. Spellshots combine magical power into the art of gunplay to create a distinct and mystical way known only to spellshots, enigmatic and unavailable to other gunslingers in the world at large. The first to identify themselves as spellshots tied their magical traditions to the history of the Star Code and the Crowned Regents in Arcadia. Ancient, reclusive crafters known as the Crowned Regents created star guns, the legendary magical firearms that shot white-hot blasts of energy. Wielders of star guns became bound together by the Star Code—a set of cultural expectations that defined how one should behave while using these powerful weapons. You can find more information about star guns, the Crowned Regents, and the Star Code in Guns & Gears.

Most spellshots continue to come from Arcadia, as the stories describing the relevant skills and training to become one have been passed down over the generations. Many gunslingers who grow up in this region hear of these tales early in their lives, and they develop the techniques to channel magical energy through their firearms in imitation of the Regents' arcane methods. While Arcadia is home to the vast majority of the world's spellshots, the techniques have slowly spread to other regions. However, spellshots remain particularly rare in the Inner Sea region due to the unique history of guns there and their connection to the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar, which exists in a magic-dead region of the Mana Wastes.

Way Of The Spellshot (1st)

You've learned the intricacies of magic and technology, blending the two together with deadly results. You combine a knowledge of arcane theories with a strong connection to your chosen weapon that allows you to manifest unique effects, though your knowledge doesn't extend as far as actual spellcasting. You can imbue energy into your weapon and conjure bullets from thin air. As you progress, you eventually learn to phase bullets through walls or even to teleport yourself along the path of your bullets. You must select Spellshot Dedication as your 2nd-level class feat.

Prerequisites: You must be a gunslinger.

Spellshot Adjustments: Instead of choosing a way from the options listed in the gunslinger class, you have the way of the spellshot. It has the following way skill, slinger's reload, and deeds. You gain these abilities at the same levels as normal for the class. You use Intelligence for your class DC.

Way Skill Arcana

Slinger's Reload Thoughtful Reload

Deeds Initial Energy Shot; Advanced Recall Ammunition; Greater Dispelling Bullet

Slinger's Reload

Thoughtful Reload [one-action]

Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
As you sink deep into a state of analytical calm and focus on the foe before you, your hands reload a bullet instinctively. Attempt a Recall Knowledge check against an opponent you can see and then Interact to reload.

Initial Deed

Energy Shot [free-action]

Evocation Magical Spellshot 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Trigger You roll initiative.
You unleash a small surge of magical energy into your weapon, shrouding the bullet with potential energy and granting it the ability to deal energy damage to your foes to exploit their weaknesses. You can Interact to draw a ranged weapon. On your first three Strikes of this encounter with a firearm or crossbow, you deal an additional 1 acid, cold, fire or electricity damage. You choose which damage type to deal as part of making each Strike.

Advanced Deed 9th

Recall Ammunition [reaction]

Conjuration Magical Spellshot Teleportation 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Trigger You miss with a firearm or crossbow Strike while using an ordinary level-0 bolt or bullet
You amplify the connection between bullet and firearm, calling your missed shot back into your gun. The ammunition you just fired is reloaded back into your gun and immediately ready to fire again.

Greater Deed 15th

Dispelling Bullet [two-actions]

Abjuration Magical Spellshot 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
You imprint a bullet with a field of abjuration built upon your magical signature, disrupting the magic of whatever it hits. Make a firearm or crossbow Strike against a foe you can see. If you hit, you attempt to counteract a spell effect active on the target (your choice, or the highest-level effect if you don't choose). Your counteract level is equal to half your level (rounded up), and your counteract check modifier is equal to your class DC – 10.

PFS StandardSpellshot Dedication Feat 2

Legacy Content

Uncommon Archetype Class Dedication 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Archetype Spellshot
Prerequisites way of the spellshot

You've steeped yourself in magic and gunplay to the extent that you can conjure bullets from thin air, using a rudimentary knowledge of arcane theory to create a temporary piece of ammunition. You gain the Conjure Bullet action.

Conjure Bullet [one-action] (conjuration, magical) Frequency once per round; Effect You conjure an ordinary level-0 bolt or bullet out of thin air and then immediately Interact to load it into your weapon. If the bolt or bullet isn't fired before the end of your turn, the effect is wasted.

Special You can't select another dedication feat other than Beast Gunner Dedication until you've gained two other feats from the spellshot or beast gunner archetypes.

PFS StandardFulminating Shot [one-action] Feat 6

Legacy Content

Archetype Evocation Magical 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 141
Archetype Spellshot
Frequency once per round.
Prerequisites Spellshot Dedication

You channel potent magic into your next shot, empowering it with a blast of crackling energy. Choose acid, cold, electricity, or fire. If you hit with your next attack roll using a firearm or crossbow before the end of your turn, you deal 1d6 additional damage of this type. At 12th level, this increases to 2d6 additional damage, and at 18th level, it increases to 3d6 additional damage.

PFS StandardCall Gun Feat 8

Legacy Content

Archetype Conjuration Magical Teleportation 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 141
Archetypes Beast Gunner, Spellshot
Prerequisites Spellshot Dedication

You build a powerful magical connection with a chosen gun or crossbow, gaining the ability to conjure it directly to your hand from any distant location. During your daily preparations, choose a single crossbow or firearm. Until your next daily preparations, you can use the Call Gun action to call the gun to your hand.

Call Gun [one-action] (conjuration, magical) Effect You hold aloft a free hand and call the firearm or crossbow you chose during your daily preparations into your hand. As long as the weapon you chose is on the same plane, it appears in your hand.

PFS StandardPhase Bullet [one-action] Feat 14

Legacy Content

Archetype Conjuration Magical 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 141
Archetype Spellshot
Frequency once per day
Prerequisites Spellshot Dedication

You can aim your bullets not just in three normal dimensions, but in additional dimensions as well, allowing you to fire a magical shot that phases through everything but your target. Make a crossbow or firearm Strike against a foe who's observed or hidden to you (but not undetected). The ammunition travels to your target in a straight line, passing through any non-magical barriers or walls in its way, though magical barriers and force effects stop the bullet. The shot ignores all cover, the concealed condition, the hidden condition, and circumstance bonuses to AC from shields. It has a +4 status bonus to hit creatures wearing any type of armor. The Strike's damage can't be reduced with a Shield Block reaction using a non-magical shield.

PFS StandardBlack Powder Embodiment [two-actions] Feat 18

Legacy Content

Archetype Conjuration Teleportation 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 141
Archetype Spellshot
Prerequisites Spellshot Dedication; master in Arcana
Requirements You're wielding a loaded magical firearm or crossbow.

You infuse your entire being into a single shot, merging your body into the blast and enabling you to travel the same path as your bolt or bullet. Strike a creature with the required weapon. On a success, if the target was within 120 feet, you and all your gear are teleported to an open space of your choice within 10 feet of the target.