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Lamashtu [CE]

Source Core Rulebook pg. 439
The Mother of Monsters is goddess of aberrance, monsters, and nightmares. She seeks to corrupt mortals and populate the world with her twisted and monstrous brood.

Edicts bring power to outcasts and the downtrodden, indoctrinate children in Lamashtu’s teachings, make the beautiful monstrous, reveal the corruption and flaws in all things
Anathema attempt to treat a mental illness or deformity, provide succor to Lamashtu’s enemies
Follower Alignments CE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Font harm or heal
Divine Skill Survival
Favored Weapon falchion
Domains family, might, nightmares, trickery
Cleric Spells 1st: magic fang, 2nd: animal form, 4th: nightmare