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PFS StandardDaikitsu (Lady of Foxes)

Source Tian Xia World Guide pg. 25
Daikitsu, the Lady of Foxes, is a capricious yet benevolent god. The deity of agriculture and craftsmanship, Daikitsu is one of the most important members of Tian Xia's pantheon, as her domains encapsulate everything that nurtures civilization. It's said that Daikitsu wears shapes the way a mortal might wear a scarf. She is every grain of rice and every farmer that harvests them, every stroke of a brush and the painter who made them. She is the kindness of the world and the artistry its denizens create, and the kitsune of Tian Xia take their role as descendants of her favored attendants very seriously.

Daikitsu's most ardent followers claim their goddess loves Tian Xia the most, for where Shizuru is the sun and Hei Feng the rain, Daikitsu is the land that nourishes all who live on it. It's said that Daikitsu reached down from the heavens to embroider the land with even rows and thus brought the first fields and rice paddies to Tian Xia. To honor this, when one of her worshippers reaches maturity, they are given a plain cotton garment that they will spend the rest of their lives embroidering, slowly creating a design that spans the whole piece.

To Daikitsu, a beautiful world is one that flourishes. Spring brings colorful flowers, summer luscious fruits, and autumn a bountiful harvest to help endure the endless cold of winter. As such, she tends to surround herself with similar things. This may explain her friendship with Nalinivati outside of the joint vernal fertility festival held in their honor, as well as their rapport despite the latter's prickliness. Altars to the Serpent's Kiss are regularly filled with woven offerings from Daikitsu's followers, left in respect to their odd friendship and to mimic the intricate gifts the gods bestow upon each other. What Daikitsu despises most is war. War ravages the fields, steals away lives that could have created artistry, and demands attention and resources that could have been used to build civilization. To wield anything sharper than a kama is to shun Daikitsu, and she does not tolerate such a snub.

Category Tian Gods
Edicts ensure the health of crops and vegetation, perfect a craft or trade, leave offerings for foxes, celebrate the turning of the seasons
Anathema mistreat your tools, pass a beggar without giving alms, discriminate against sex workers or the lower class, commit murder or torture, harm an innocent
Areas of Concern agriculture, craftsmanship, kitsune, rice

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Dexterity or Intelligence
Divine Font heal
Divine Sanctification can choose holy
Divine Skill Crafting
Favored Weapon flail
Domains change, creation, family, nature
Alternate Domains earth
Cleric Spells 1st: pest form, 2nd: humanoid form, 5th: illusory scene