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PFS StandardJin Li (The Golden Dragon Carp)

Source Tian Xia World Guide pg. 30
Once a humble carp, Jin Li is the god of the determined and the hardworking. Just as he worked day after day to successfully jump a waterfall and ascend to godhood, he guides those who look to improve themselves and face challenges head-on. For Jin Li, there is no success without hard work, tenacity, and a little bit of luck. Failure and weakness are not something to be ashamed of, but rather opportunities to learn and grow. Success is also not a one-time thing for Jin Li, and once he has achieved one goal, he soon sets his eyes on another. The road to self-improvement doesn't end with godhood, after all.

As Jin Li's influence has risen, there has been an influx in competitions across Tian Xia. People invoke Jin Li's name to legitimize challenges and dares, praying for him to oversee the competition and ensure good sportsmanship from all participants. The symbol of the dragon carp and the worship of Jin Li have become synonymous with a community of people who support and push each other to be their best selves. Bureaucrats who worship Jin Li as the god of promotions have started keeping large ponds with carp, hoping that by taking care of the fish, Jin Li will look upon them favorably. It has become a challenge in itself, with competition forming between carp owners as they try to make their fish the biggest, healthiest, and most beautiful of them all.

For Jin Li and his followers, the dragon carp is not an untouchable figure on a pedestal, but a companion on the journey to self-improvement. Jin Li is there, struggling alongside the student who burns midnight oil to get through another study sheet, the potter who tries a new technique to form their clay, and the tinkerer who creates the hundredth iteration of their invention. He walks alongside the child who wants to go from crawling to running, does drills alongside the hero determined to better protect their peers, and bears witness to the adventurer who overcomes the most legendary of challenges and perils thrown in their way. While Jin Li continues to pursue new challenges to overcome, he's always there for those looking to join him in leaping up their own personal waterfalls.

Category Tian Gods
Edicts take up dares and challenges in good faith, persist with creativity and tenacity, own up to your failures as a way to improve oneself
Anathema give up without trying, dismiss or mock someone’s effort, take success for granted, discount the power of beginner’s luck or luck in general
Areas of Concern challenges, dares, promotions, self-improvement

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Strength or Wisdom
Divine Font heal
Divine Sanctification none
Divine Skill Athletics
Favored Weapon sansetsukon
Domains ambition, change, might, toil
Alternate Domains luck, water
Cleric Spells 1st: jump, 3rd: feet to fins, 4th: hydraulic torrent