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PFS RestrictedBaphomet (Lord of the Labyrinth) [CE]

Source Gods & Magic pg. 124 2.0
Baphomet, Lord of the Labyrinth, is the demon lord of beasts, labyrinths, and minotaurs. Baphomet was originally a consort of Lamashtu who achieved demon lord status after escaping from imprisonment in a labyrinth constructed by Asmodeus. Baphomet appears as an enormous emaciated minotaur with feathered wings and a goat-like head that bears three horns, as well as a blazing pentagram branded into his forehead. Baphomet’s cults are among the most prolific in Golarion—human-dominated secret societies devoted to the demon lord are present in many cities and may have members ensconced in positions of political power, while most minotaurs prefer his patronage to that of Lamashtu.

Edicts Confuse paths and roads, outwit your foes instead of overpowering them, pace labyrinths
Anathema Kill something that cannot significantly harm you, bargain with Asmodeus
Areas of Concern beasts, labyrinths, and minotaurs
Follower Alignments CN, CE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Intelligence or Wisdom
Divine Font harm or heal
Divine Skill Survival
Favored Weapon glaive
Domains indulgence, might, secrecy, zeal
Cleric Spells 1st: summon animal, 2nd: enlarge, 8th: maze