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PFS LimitedClockwork BookshelfItem 1

Uncommon Clockwork 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 85
PFS Note Inventors (and characters with the Inventor archetype) gain access to uncommon clockwork items from from Chapters 1 and 2 from this book, unless the item specifically states otherwise. Characters with a Home Region of Absalom, New Thassilon, Alkenstar, Dongun Hold or Arcadia have access to uncommon clockwork items from Chapters 1 and 2 from this boook, as inventors.

Price 15 gp
Bulk 4
Access Characters from Absalom, New Thassilon, Alkenstar, Dongun Hold, or especially technological regions of Arcadia like the Deadshot Lands have access to uncommon clockwork items from the first two chapters of this book.
This device was originally created by an inventor who had way more books they wanted to access than available wall space to store them. Each of the bookshelf's six levels is actually loaded with a pair of shelves instead of a single shelf. A simple switch on the side of the bookshelf flips the corresponding shelf to the other side, revealing any books stored in the paired shelf. While this makes the clockwork bookshelf a little deeper than a normal bookshelf, in order to fit both shelves, it effectively allows you to store twice as many books using the same amount of wall space. Those who wish to keep volumes hidden from visitors (or perhaps stow a weapon or potion within a false book) often load the hidden shelf first, then switch to the second shelf lined with more respectable volumes.