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PFS StandardMisdirecting HaversackItem 6

Uncommon Illusion Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 10
PFS Note Due to their connection to the shop’s proprietor, all Pathfinder Society agents have access to the items from Barghest’s Bin

Price 200 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
This brown leather satchel is made from a heavily oiled and rustic leather. The satchel is large enough to hold up to 1 Bulk worth of items.

Activate 1 minute (envision, Interact); Effect Documents inside the haversack become magically disguised as documents of a similar type but with misleading information. Anyone inspecting a document notices the disguise with a successful DC 20 Perception check, but determining the actual text requires a successful DC 20 Society check to Decipher Writing. This lasts until you use this activation again, which ends the effect for all previously disguised documents; until you use the second activation to end the effect for a single document; or until a document in the haversack remains outside the haversack for at least 1 hour, ending the effect for that document.

Activate command; Effect You revert one of the documents back to its original state.