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PFS StandardSilencing AmmunitionItem 9

Uncommon Consumable Illusion Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 10
PFS Note Due to their connection to the shop’s proprietor, all Pathfinder Society agents have access to the items from Barghest’s Bin

Price 125 gp
Ammunition arrow, bolt
Activate Interact
Silencing ammunition is particularly dense and seems to dampen sounds around it. On a successful Strike, an activated piece of silencing ammunition creates a 2nd-level silence effect on the target. The target can resist the effects of the ammunition with a successful DC 25 Will save, though it takes a –2 circumstance penalty if the Strike was a critical hit. While the effect is active, the target can use an Interact action to try to tug out the arrow or bolt and end the effect early; this requires a successful DC 25 Will save.