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PFS RestrictedWizard's TowerItem 13

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 19
Price 2,500 gp
Bulk — when not activated
A wizard's tower is a tiny gaming piece carved into the form of a stone tower.

Activate 10 minutes (command, envision, Interact); Effect The gaming piece transforms into a fully furnished stone tower 80 feet high and 30 feet in diameter. The tower is topped by a peaked wooden roof, with a wooden door on the second floor accessed by wooden stairs on the tower's exterior. A spiral staircase in the center of the tower connects its 6 floors. The bottom floor is empty, ideal for storage, and the second floor is a great hall for audiences and guests. The third and fourth floors are divided into servants quarters and guest rooms, while the top two floors feature luxurious personal chambers and an alchemy lab. You can revert the tower back to its original state by climbing to the top floor and using an action to speak a command word.