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Swarmform CollarItem 7

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 55
Price 350 gp
Usage worn collar; Bulk 1
This sturdy leather collar is imprinted with tessellated animal shapes. When invested, the animal shapes change to match that of your companion.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions envision, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You touch the collar and your companion splits into a swarm of hundreds of identical Tiny versions of itself for 1 minute. Its space becomes Large, it gains the weaknesses and resistances of a spider swarm, and the swarm trait, though it doesn't gain swarm mind, as it's controlled by a single mind. Its unarmed attacks are replaced with a single-action swarming attack that deals 1d8 damage of the type normally inflicted by the companion's unarmed attacks to any foe in its space, with a DC 23 basic Reflex save. While in swarm form, your companion can take the Support action but can't perform its advanced maneuver. Its other statistics don't change. If the companion is reduced to 0 Hit Points while in swarm form, the companion immediately recombines into its original form in an available space, in addition to the usual effects of being reduced to 0 Hit Points.