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PFS StandardImmovable ArmItem 9

Legacy Content

Magical Transmutation 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 73
PFS Note All Pathfinder Society agents also have access to all assistive items from Morhen’s Mobility Apparel

Price 700 gp
Usage worn; Bulk 1
The flat iron bar of an immovable rod has been worked into the core frame of this prosthetic arm, a small button discreetly placed at the heel of the hand.

Activate [one-action] Interact; Effect You curl your fingers inward to press the button on the heel of your hand, anchoring your prosthetic arm in place. Your arm no longer moves, defying gravity if necessary. You can still move the fingers of this hand and your elbow, shoulder, and rest of your body while the magic is in effect, but you can't move your wrist. If you press the button again, the rod inside your arm is deactivated, ending the magic that anchors it in place. While anchored, the arm can be moved only if 8,000 pounds of pressure is placed upon it or if a creature succeeds at a DC 40 Athletics check to Force Open your arm. A creature can notice the button hidden in the hand of the prosthesis with a successful DC 25 Perception check to Seek.