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Noqual ShieldItem 17+

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Usage varies by shield
Noqual shields are notoriously difficult to make, requiring high-grade materials, but they're especially effective against magic. When you have a noqual shield Raised, you gain its circumstance bonus to saving throws against spells that target you (as well as AC). Additionally, while the shield is Raised, when an opponent casting a spell that targets you critically fails a spell attack roll against your AC, you can reflect the spell back toward them as a reaction. Attempt a ranged attack roll against the triggering creature using your highest proficiency with a ranged weapon. If you succeed, your opponent takes the effects of a successful spell attack roll for their own spell (or the effects of a critical success if your attack roll was a critical success).

Base Material


PFS StandardNoqual Buckler (High-Grade)Item 17

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 14,000 gp
Bulk L
The shield has Hardness 7, HP 28, and BT 14.
Craft Requirements noqual worth at least 7,000 gp

PFS StandardNoqual Shield (High-Grade)Item 17

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 15,400 gp
Bulk 1
The shield has Hardness 10, HP 40, and BT 20.
Craft Requirements noqual worth at least 7,700 gp