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SiccatiteItem 0+

Rare Precious 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
In its raw state, this silvery ore is either scalding hot or freezing cold. Metallurgists disagree over whether siccatite is two related substances or one substance that determines its temperature output via some unknown process. Whatever the reason, the extreme temperature of the material means it must be handled carefully. Hot siccatite can easily ignite flammables such as paper and dry brush, and cold siccatite left in moist areas quickly surrounds itself with a thick layer of ice. A creature that comes into physical contact with a significant amount of siccatite takes 1 energy damage for each round of continued contact (either fire or cold damage, for hot and cold siccatite respectively).


Siccatite ItemsHardnessHPBT
Thin Items

Material Uses

Siccatite Armor
Siccatite Shield
Siccatite Weapon

PFS StandardSiccatite ChunkItem 0

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 500 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardSiccatite IngotItem 0

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 5,000 gp
Bulk 1

PFS StandardSiccatite Object (Standard-Grade)Item 8

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 350 gp (per Bulk)

PFS StandardSiccatite Object (High-Grade)Item 16

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 100
Price 6,000 gp (per Bulk)