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FangedItem 2+

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 106
Usage etched onto a melee weapon
When etched with this rune, a weapon's hilt or haft becomes engraved with grooves that match the imprints of a wolf's teeth. By putting a fanged weapon in your mouth, you can transform into an animal.

Activate Interact (magical, polymorph, transmutation); Effect You transform into a Small or Medium animal that wields the fanged weapon in its jaws; the animal matches the animal you are most closely associated with (a lizardfolk would turn into a lizard, a kitsune into a fox, a deer instinct barbarian into a deer, etc.) or a wolf if no specific animal is applicable. While in this form, you can attack with the fanged weapon even though you don't have any hands. However, you can attack only with the fanged weapon and you don't have hands or the ability to hold items. For effects dependent on how many hands you are using to hold the item, such as the two-hand trait, you are holding the weapon in two hands. You can Dismiss this effect, and it ends automatically if you drop the fanged weapon (whether or not of your own volition).

PFS StandardFangedItem 2

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 106
Price 30 gp

PFS StandardFanged (Greater)Item 8

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 106
Price 425 gp
In animal form, you gain low-light vision and a +5-foot item bonus to your Speed.

PFS StandardFanged (Major)Item 15

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 106
Price 6,000 gp
In animal form, you gain low-light vision, imprecise scent to a range of 30 feet, and a +10-foot item bonus to your Speed.