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PFS RestrictedChaos CollarItem 5

Legacy Content

Companion Invested Primal Transmutation 
Source Dark Archive pg. 62
Price 125 gp
Usage worn collar; Bulk L
This unobtrusive collar is made to hide beneath an animal's fur or blend in against scaled skin. It's most often used by unscrupulous trophy hunters hoping to make a name for themselves by defeating threats they artificially created, using hapless animals as pawns.

A chaos collar fuses to its animal bearer the first time it's clasped around the creature's neck. Three nights per month, it transforms the animal into the form of a terrifying monster. The appearance is the same size as the original animal and doesn't change the animal's statistics, but it's always something new, horrifying, and unique to that particular chaos collar. The transformation lasts from dusk until dawn, and it occurs with complete randomness throughout the month.

An animal slain while wearing a chaos collar remains in the form it had at the time of its death. Once its bearer dies, the collar transforms into a scrap of dirty string and falls off, where the unscrupulous hunter can collect and use it again.