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PFS StandardCloak of the False FoeItem 12

Invested Primal Transmutation 
Source Dark Archive pg. 62
Price 1,850 gp
Usage worn cloak; Bulk L
Images of strange animals and distorted figures are woven into this coarse, fur-lined cloak.

Activate Interact (polymorph, primal, transmutation) Frequency once per day; Effect The cloak rises to envelop your head and body, reshaping your appearance into that of a locally feared cryptid. If there is no such figure in local lore, the cloak of the false foe instead alters your appearance into a form imagined by the crafter of the cloak. One choice that occurs with disturbing frequency is a gaunt figure with triple-jointed fingers; an eyeless, hairless head with a lamprey mouth in the center of its face; and stubby tentacles waving down its neck. The transformation also grants the effects of either a 3rd-level humanoid form spell that lasts for 1 hour if you turn into a Medium cryptid, or a 5th-level humanoid form spell that lasts for 10 minutes if you turn into a Large cryptid.

While you're in cryptid form, any wounds left by your spells and Strikes appear to be the result of the cryptid's unarmed attacks and special abilities to a casual inspection. This doesn't alter the actual damage type inflicted or the effects of such attack. Someone closely studying the wounds can, with a successful DC 30 Medicine check, realize that magic has altered the appearance of the injuries.