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PFS StandardGhast StilettoItem 3

Legacy Content

Magical Necromancy 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 36 1.1
Price 60 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Base Weapon Dagger
A ghast stiletto is a +1 dagger wrapped in the still-undead skin of a ghast. While you wield the dagger, you gain a +1 status bonus to all saves against paralysis.

Activate [one-action] command, Interact (divine, necromancy, olfactory); Frequency once per hour; Effect The ghast stiletto afflicts the next living target struck by the dagger with a terrible wound that emits the foul stench of the grave. For the next minute, the target creature, as well as any creatures within a 10-foot emanation, must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude save or become sickened 1 (plus slowed 1 as long as it's sickened on a critical failure). While within the emanation, the creature takes a –2 circumstance penalty to saves against disease and to recover from the sickened condition. A creature that succeeds at its save is temporarily immune for 1 minute.

Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include skin from a ghast.