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PFS StandardSpell-StoringItem 13

Legacy Content

Uncommon Abjuration Magical 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 585 4.0
Price 2,700 gp
Usage etched onto a melee weapon; Bulk
A spell-storing rune creates a reservoir of eldritch energy within the etched weapon. A spellcaster can spend 1 minute to cast a spell of 3rd level or lower into the weapon. The spell must have a casting of 2 actions or fewer and must be able to target a creature other than the caster. The spell has no immediate effect—it is instead stored for later. When you wield a spell-storing weapon, you immediately know the name and level of the stored spell. A spell-storing weapon found as treasure has a 50% chance of having a spell of the GM’s choice stored in it.

Activate [one-action] command; Requirements On your previous action this turn, you hit and damaged a creature with this weapon; Effect You unleash the stored spell, which uses the target of the triggering attack as the target of the spell. This empties the spell from the weapon and allows a spell to be cast into it again. If the spell requires a spell attack roll, the result of your attack roll with the weapon determines the degree of success of the spell, and if the spell requires a saving throw, the DC is 30.

Activate [one-action] command; Effect Harmlessly expend the stored spell. This frees the weapon to have a new spell cast into it.