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PFS StandardOathbowItem 11

Source Core Rulebook pg. 602 2.0
Price 1,300 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 2
Constructed of a flexible, white wood and with ornate, twisting designs carved into its surface, this +2 striking composite longbow appears to have been made by elves. Sometimes when you loose an arrow, its whistling in flight sounds like a voice whispering in Elven, wishing for the swift defeat of your enemies.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action command; Effect You swear an oath to destroy one creature you can see. For the next 7 days or until that creature is slain, your attacks with the bow against that creature deal 1d6 additional damage, and you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks to Track that creature. Your critical hits against the target gain the bow’s critical specialization effect; if they would already do so, they instead increase the DC of the Athletics check to Escape when critically hit to DC 20.

After you activate the bow, you can’t activate it again for 7 days. If you kill the creature you’ve sworn an oath against, the oath ends and you need to wait only 10 minutes before you can activate it again.