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Bracers of Missile DeflectionItem 3+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 607 2.0
Usage worn bracers; Bulk L
These bracers are made from plates of durable mithral and gleam like the summer sun.

Activate ReactionReaction Interact; Frequency once per day; Trigger A ranged weapon attack hits you but doesn’t critically hit; Requirements You are aware of the attack and not flat-footed; Effect The bracers send the missile off-course. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack. If this would cause the attack to be a failure, the attack misses you.

PFS StandardBracers of Missile DeflectionItem 3

Source Core Rulebook pg. 607 2.0
Price 52 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardBracers of Missile Deflection (Greater)Item 9

Source Core Rulebook pg. 607 2.0
Price 650 gp
Bulk L
You can activate the bracers once every 10 minutes.