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Crafter's EyepieceItem 3+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 609 2.0
Usage worn eyepiece
This rugged metal eyepiece etched with square patterns is designed to be worn over a single eye. Twisting the lens reveals a faint three-dimensional outline of an item you plan to build or repair, with helpful labels on the component parts. While worn, this eyepiece gives you a +1 item bonus to Crafting checks. When you Repair an item, increase the Hit Points restored by 15 per proficiency rank instead of 10.

PFS StandardCrafter's EyepieceItem 3

Source Core Rulebook pg. 609 2.0
Price 60 gp

PFS StandardCrafter's Eyepiece (Greater)Item 11

Source Core Rulebook pg. 609 2.0
Price 1,200 gp
The eyepiece grants a +2 item bonus and can be activated.

Activate 1 minute (Interact); Frequency once per day; Effect You calibrate the eyepiece to have it cast a 5th-level creation spell over the course of 1 minute to construct a temporary item.