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PFS StandardThird EyeItem 19

Source Core Rulebook pg. 616 2.0
Price 40,000 gp
Usage worn
When invested, this ornate crown and its incandescent gemstone meld into your head and take the form of a tattoo. This grants you otherworldly sight and allows you to read auras. No one but you can manipulate the third eye while it’s invested by you. Your heightened senses and ability to sense emotional auras grant you a +3 item bonus to Perception checks.
You continuously see magic auras, as a 9th-level detect magic spell, except you see the location of all auras within 30 feet, not just the strongest. If you use a Seek action to study a creature you can see, you can perceive an aura that conveys knowledge of that creature’s health, including all conditions and afflictions it has and an approximate percentage of its remaining Hit Points.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions envision, command; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain the effects of an 8th-level true seeing spell.