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PFS StandardDust of Corpse AnimationItem 8+

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 257
Usage held in 2 hands
Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions Interact
This black pouch contains what appears to be fine bone dust. Pouring the dust in a special pattern over a corpse turns it into an undead creature. The type of undead created depends on the condition of the corpse, resulting in either a skeleton or a zombie. If the undead's level would be greater than 3, the dust fails to animate it. The body must be of an appropriate size and type for the undead you wish to create—for example, you must sprinkle the dust on a horse's skeleton to animate a skeletal horse. If more than one undead in the level range is appropriate, such as skeletal guard or skeletal champion for a Medium humanoid skeleton, you choose.

The animated undead has the minion trait, meaning it can use 2 actions when you Command it. You can issue a Command for the current turn as part of the activation. The undead creature remains animated for 1 minute before collapsing back into its corpse form. As usual, you can have a maximum of four minions under your control.

PFS StandardDust of Corpse AnimationItem 8

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 257
Price 100 gp

PFS StandardDust of Corpse Animation (Greater)Item 16

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 257
Price 1,500 gp
You can animate an undead with a level of 11 or lower.