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PFS LimitedQuickpatch GlueItem 3

Source Pathfinder Society Guide pg. 34
PFS Note Players can gain access to faction-specific gear by taking the corresponding Faction Gear Access Game Reward, available when they reach 20 reputation with the respective faction.

Price 10 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Access Member of the Pathfinder Society.
Activate 1 minute (Interact)
Quickpatch glue is a fast-setting adhesive designed for rapid but temporary repairs. When applied to a broken item, the glue adheres the item's pieces back together. This does not restore the item's hit points, but it allows the item to be used for its normal function and removes the broken condition. The glue is fragile and degrades over time. An item repaired by quickpatch glue regains the broken condition after it takes damage or 1 hour passes (whichever comes first). In order to apply a new vial of quickpatch glue to or repair the item, the item's holder must first remove the glue residue, a process that requires 10 minutes of effort and a set of alchemist's tools.