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PFS StandardWater PurifierItem 0+

Source PFS Guide pg. 115
Access Member of the Pathfinder Society.
This small tube of metal and glass has an opening at one end into which water can be poured, leading to a series of interconnected chambers filled with purifying agents contained between various perforated walls. The purifier attempts to counteract poisons and other toxins present in water or any other liquid poured into it. Alchemically-treated replacement filters can be purchased to more effectively filter out more dangerous substances, using the filter's listed level as the counteract level. The counteract modifier is +5 for the level 1 filter, +9 for the level 5 filter, and +17 for the level 10 filter. If you pour a liquid other than water, such as a potion or beverage, into the purifier, the filtration process negates the liquid's effects and ruins the taste. The center of the tube can be unscrewed from the ends to access and replace the chambers of purifying agents. Each filter can be used to cleanse up to 10 gallons of water at a rate of about 1 gallon every 20 minutes.

PFS StandardWater PurifierItem 0

Source PFS Guide pg. 115
Price 5 gp
Hands 2; Bulk L

PFS StandardReplacement Filter (Level 1)Item 1

Source PFS Guide pg. 115
Price 3 gp

PFS StandardReplacement Filter (Level 5)Item 5

Source PFS Guide pg. 115
Price 25 gp

PFS StandardReplacement Filter (Level 10)Item 10

Source PFS Guide pg. 115
Price 155 gp