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PFS StandardStoryteller's OpusItem 6

Grimoire Illusion Magical 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 163 1.1
Price 230 gp
Bulk L
This green spellbook with gold trim contains a cautionary story about a boy who was eaten by a wolf after he previously lied about wolf attacks. When opened, the engravings on the front seem to move in a loop, enacting this story.

Activate envision; Frequency once per day; Trigger A creature succeeds, but doesn't critically succeed, at a Perception check to disbelieve an illusion spell you prepared from this grimoire; Effect You quickly tell a fib to try to smooth over the inconsistencies in your illusion. Attempt a Deception check against the triggering creature's Perception DC. If you succeed, the creature doesn't disbelieve the illusion.