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PFS StandardCeru

N Beast 
Source Impossible Lands pg. 220
Required Number of Abilities 4
Granted Abilities cantrip connection (guidance, mage hand), darkvision, touch telepathy

Cerus are mortal-made creatures in the shape of tiny, blue elephants with spikes on their feet, tail, and ears. They're highly sought-after amongst circles of the affluent.

Created Magic

Source Impossible Lands pg. 220
Your ceru familiar grants you the mage hand and guidance cantrips via the cantrip connection granted ability. If one or more of these cantrips isn't on your spell list, you can replace the cantrip or cantrips not on your spell list with a cantrip or cantrips from your spell list instead.

Turn of Fate [two-actions]

Source Impossible Lands pg. 220
Frequency once per day; Range 30 feet ; Effect Your ceru shifts the scales of fortune for one target's next attempt at an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. If targeted with bad fortune, the target attempts a Will save against your class DC or spell DC, whichever is higher, with effects depending on the result of their save; this is a misfortune effect. If targeted with good fortune, the target rolls twice and uses the better result; this is a fortune effect. Regardless of outcome, targets are immune to Turn of Fate for one day.
Success The target is unaffected.
Failure The target rolls twice and uses the worse result.
Critical Failure As failure, except the target is affected for the next three attempts.