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Skyseeker Two ActionsFeat 8

Source Pathfinder #158: Sixty Feet Under pg. 79
Archetype Jalmeri Heavenseeker
Prerequisites Sky and Heaven Stance
Requirements You are in Sky and Heaven Stance.

You Leap toward an opponent. At any point in the Leap, you can make a single Strike against a creature within your reach. At 12th level, if you hit with this Strike, instead of finishing your Leap, you can immediately attempt a second Leap from the space where you struck the target of your Strike. You can make a single Strike against a target within your reach during this second Leap as well. At 16th level, you can attempt a third Leap if your second Strike hits, and you can attack a target at any point during this third Leap. All Leaps made during this activity gain a +10-foot status bonus to the total height or distance of your leap, and no two Strikes can target the same creature.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


These maneuvers work only as the first salvo on your turn. You can use an open only if you haven't used an action with the attack or open trait yet this turn.