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PFS StandardRetain Absorbed Spell Feat 18

Source PFS Guide pg. 49
Archetype Spellmaster
Prerequisites Absorb Spell

When you absorb a spell using the Absorb Spell reaction, you utilize secret, techniques that allow you to retain the power and knowledge necessary to cast the spell repeatedly—potentially for a greater period of time. If you're a spontaneous caster, you can cast the triggering spell up to three times instead of once. If you're a prepared spellcaster, you can replace up to three of your prepared spells of the same level with the absorbed spell instead of one. Either way, you can choose to retain the absorbed spell for the next hour instead of the next 10 minutes; if you choose to extend the absorption to an hour, you can't use Absorb Spell again until one hour after the spell is absorbed.



This feat belongs to an archetype.