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PFS LimitedSeeker of Truths Feat 4

Source Pathfinder #164: Hands of the Devil pg. 76
Archetype Eldritch Researcher
Prerequisites Eldritch Researcher Dedication

Your devotion to discovering and hoarding abstruse truths borders on the fanatical, and you can bring this devotion to bear. You gain the cleric's Domain Initiate feat but must select knowledge, secrecy, or truth as your domain. You cast that domain's domain spell as a focus spell of the same tradition as your cantrip from Eldritch Researcher Dedication, and you Refocus by contemplating abstruse mysteries rather than praying to a god. When an ability would manifest a divine symbol—such as the word of truth focus spell—it instead manifests as a strange shape unique to you that seems to defy geometry.

Special You can take this feat up to three times, selecting a different domain each time.

Seeker of Truths Leads To...

Advanced Seeker of Truths



This feat belongs to an archetype.