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PFS LimitedSoul Arsenal Feat 6

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 236
Archetype Soulforger
Prerequisites Soulforger Dedication

Choose an additional soulforged armament of a different type than the type you already chose, and choose one essence power for it. Upgrade and change armaments individually.

When you Manifest Soulforged Armament, you can summon any number of your armaments (you must meet the Requirements for each), and when you Dismiss the effect, you can choose to Dismiss some and not others. You can choose to manifest the essence form of any number of your armaments when you take the action. Each armament can manifest its essence form only once per day.

When you gain soulforged corruption, choose one armament's corruption flaw to affect you for stage 1. At stage 2, you take the flaws of all your soulforged armaments. While you have the curse, each armament gets a separate flat check to manifest its essence form, and failing prevents you from manifesting only that armament's essence form.

Special You can select this feat a second time at 12th level or higher, choosing the final item type.



This feat belongs to an archetype.