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PFS StandardCounter Curse [reaction] Feat 8

Source Dark Archive pg. 169
Archetype Curse Maelstrom
Prerequisites Curse Maelstrom Dedication
Trigger You or an ally within 30 feet is targeted by or in the emanation of a curse or misfortune effect from an opponent or object of which you are aware.
Requirements You are in a curse maelstrom state.

You gather the energy of your maelstrom and fling its unleashed power into the enemy's curse, attempting to neutralize it. Attempt a counteract check against the triggering effect, using half your level rounded up as your counteract level and the higher of your class DC and spell DC as the counteract modifier. On a success, you neutralize the curse or misfortune effect. If the effect was constant, such as a misfortune aura, it returns automatically at the beginning of the creature or object's next turn. Whether you succeed or fail, your curse maelstrom state ends.

Counter Curse Leads To...

Reverse Curse



This feat belongs to an archetype.