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Storm DischargeHazard 18

Source Monsters of Myth pg. 41
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 10
Description Ebeshra aligns its crystalline form to produce a blast of lightning that charges the surrounding area with electrical energy.
Disable DC 45 Nature (master) to balance the electrical charges in the area or DC 48 Deception (expert) to momentarily divert Ebeshra's attention
Lightning Blast Trigger A creature takes a hostile action against Ebeshra, produces a visible area effect, or flies within 120 feet of Ebeshra; Effect Ebeshra unleashes a 240-foot line of electricity toward the triggering creature. Creatures in the line take 16d8 electricity damage (DC 42 basic Reflex save). The electricity creates a static field in all squares that the line passed through and all adjacent squares. For 1 round, any creatures that enter a space in the static field take 4d8 electricity damage (DC 38 basic Reflex save).
Reset Ebeshra waits 1d4 rounds before another blast.