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Confounding PortalHazard 0

Illusion Magical Mental Trap 
Source Dark Archive pg. 122
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 16
Description Tiny runes carved around a doorframe or on a hall's walls surreptitiously confound creatures into circling the room or hallway they attempted to exit or pass through.
Disable DC 17 Thievery to scratch out the runes, or DC 16 Arcana to destroy the runes
Confounding Misdirection [reaction] (arcane, illusion, mental) Trigger A creature passes through the rune-carved doorway or hallway; Effect The creature is confused by the illusions and directed back into the room they attempted to exit through another doorway or back to the hallway's beginning. This feels no different to the triggering creature than walking through the doorway or hallway, and onlookers are similarly befuddled. A creature who succeeds at a DC 19 Will save resists this illusion and exits the room or proceeds down the hall without being misdirected.
Reset automatic