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Summoning RuneHazard 1

Complex Magical Trap 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 526 4.0
Complexity Complex
Stealth +7 (trained)
Description A cloud of invisible magical sensors in a 10-foot radius surrounds an invisible wall or floor rune the size of the creature to be summoned.
Disable Acrobatics DC 15 to approach without triggering the trap followed by Thievery DC 17 (trained) to erase the rune, or dispel magic (1st level; counteract DC 15) to counteract the rune
Summon Monster [reaction] (arcane, conjuration, summon); Trigger A creature enters the cloud of magical sensors. Effect This trap summons a specific level 1 creature, determined when the trap is created. The creature rolls initiative and remains for 2d6 rounds, after which the spell ends and the creature disappears. The creature also disappears if someone disables the trap before the duration expires. The summoned creature can use 3 actions each round and can use reactions, unlike most summoned creatures.
Reset The trap resets each day at dawn

Upgraded Summoning Runes

You can make a summoning rune of nearly any level. It summons a creature of a level equal to the trap’s level. Use Table 10–5: DCs by Level on page 503 to determine the Thievery DC and spell DC, using the trap’s level and applying a hard adjustment (+2). The Stealth modifier for the trap is equal to this number – 10. Stronger summoning runes usually require expert proficiency or better in Perception to find, and they might require a higher proficiency rank in Thievery to disable.