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Drowning PitHazard 3

Source Core Rulebook pg. 526 2.0
Complexity Complex
Stealth +10 (trained); DC 22 (expert) to notice the water spouts once the pit opens
Description A trapdoor covers a 10-foot-square pit that’s 30 feet deep and has 5 feet of water at the bottom. Four water spouts in the walls connect to hidden water tanks. Each water spout extends out of a different wall, 6 inches from the top of the pit.
Disable Thievery DC 18 (trained) to seal each water spout, Thievery DC 22 (trained) to open the trapdoor, or Athletics DC 22 to Force Open the trapdoor
AC 19, Fort +8, Ref +5
Trapdoor Hardness 15, Trapdoor HP 60 (BT 30); Spout Hardness 8, Spout HP 32 (BT 16); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Pitfall ReactionReaction Trigger A creature walks onto the trapdoor. Effect The triggering creature falls in and takes damage from the fall, reduced by 5 feet for falling into the water (typically 12 bludgeoning damage). A creature can Grab an Edge to avoid falling. The trapdoor then slams shut, and the hazard rolls initiative.
Routine (4 actions) The trap loses 1 action each turn for each disabled water spout. On each of the trap’s actions, a spout pours water, increasing the depth of the water by 5 feet. Once the pit is full of water, the pit stops using actions, but creatures in the pit begin drowning.
Reset The trap can be reset if the door is manually reengaged and the water tanks refilled; it can be reset without draining the pit, but doing so renders it less effective.