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Dream PollenHazard 3

Complex Environmental Trap 
Source Pathfinder #151: The Show Must Go On pg. 12
Complexity Complex
Stealth +12 (trained)
Description Four magical plants inside the wagon release hallucinogenic pollen when disturbed.
Disable Thievery DC 18 (trained) to carefully remove a pollen pod or Nature DC 18 (trained) to prevent a pod from bursting.
AC 18, Fort +9, Ref +3
Hardness 1, HP 32 (BT 16); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Pollen Burst Trigger The wagon door is opened or the pods are disturbed; Effect A pod makes a pollen spray Strike against an adjacent creature or the creature that opened the door, the door falls off the wagon, and the trap rolls initiative.
Routine (4 actions) The trap loses 1 action each turn for each removed or disabled pollen pod. The trap doesn't take a multiple attack penalty.
Ranged pollen spray +12 (range 20 feet), Damage 1d8 poison and hallucinogenic pollen
Hallucinogenic Pollen A creature hit by the trap's pollen spray must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or it is confused for 1 round and takes a –2 status penalty to Perception checks and saves against mental effects for 1d4 hours. On a critical failure, the penalty is instead –4.
Reset The trap resets after 1 hour, when the pods have regrown additional pollen. If all the pods are removed or disabled, the trap doesn't reset.