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Spinning Blade PillarHazard 4

Source Core Rulebook pg. 527 2.0
Complexity Complex
Stealth +11 (trained) or DC 26 (expert) to notice the control panel
Description A metal pole with three razor-sharp spinning blades is hidden in the floor, connected to trigger plates in up to eight floor tiles and a hidden control panel within 30 feet.
Disable Thievery DC 21 (trained) twice on the pillar, or Thievery DC 19 (expert) once on the control panel deactivates the whole trap. Breaking the control panel prevents anyone from disabling the trap using the control panel and prevents the trap from deactivating automatically (see Reset below).
AC 21, Fort +10, Ref +12
Pillar Hardness 12, Pillar HP 48 (BT 24); Panel Hardness 5, Panel HP 20 (BT 10); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Rising Pillar ReactionReaction (attack); Trigger A creature steps on one of the trapped floor tiles. Effect The trap pops up in a grid intersection and makes a spinning blade attack against one adjacent creature (if any), then rolls initiative.
Routine (3 actions) The trap uses its first action to make a spinning blade Strike against each adjacent creature, its second action to move straight in a random direction (roll 1d4 to determine the direction), and its third action to make a spinning blade Strike against each adjacent creature. This trap doesn’t take a multiple attack penalty.
Speed 10 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action spinning blade +12, Damage 2d10+5 slashing
Reset The trap deactivates and resets after 1 minute.