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Axiomatic Polymorph TrapHazard 20

Magical Trap 
Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 49
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 47 (master)
Description A Utopian glyph transforms trespassers into aeons.
Disable DC 48 Thievery (master) to drain the glyph's power harmlessly, or dispel magic (9th level; counteract DC 42) to counteract the glyph
Axiomatic Polymorph (divine, transmutation); Trigger A creature moves within 10 feet of the entryway to the Hall of Wonders (area N4) without speaking the passphrase (“The History and Future of Humanity”) in Utopian; Effect Each creature within 20 feet of the door is targeted by baleful polymorph (DC 42 Will save), except the effect transforms creatures into the form of an arbiter aeon rather than that of an animal.
Reset 1 hour