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Mana WhorlHazard 7

Complex Environmental Magical 
Source Impossible Lands pg. 231
Complexity Complex
Stealth +14 (trained) to identify as dangerous quicksand; +20 (expert) to recognize its magical properties
Description This 15-foot-wide patch of destabilized sand attempts to submerge creatures who wield magic. A desert tree with dense bright green foliage, pale pink blooms, and at least one carnivorous red-chested magpie is always nearby.
Disable DC 26 Arcana (expert) to feed magic into the whorl and temporarily stabilize it for a few minutes; feed the whorl a number of spellcasters and magic items with a combined 10 levels (for instance, a 4th-level cleric with two 3rd-level magic items) to stabilize it for 1 week; or feed the whorl a number of spellcasters and magic items with a combined 20 levels to stabilize it permanently. Spellcasters and magic items fed to the whorl are devoured whole.
Submerge [reaction] Trigger A creature who can cast spells, or who is wielding a magic item, walks into the mana whorl; Effect The triggering creature sinks into the whorl to its waist. The whorl rolls initiative if it hasn't already
Routine (1 action) On its initiative, the whorl pulls down any creature within it that can cast spells or that is wielding a magic item. A creature submerged to the waist becomes submerged to the neck, and a creature submerged to the neck is pulled under and must hold its breath to avoid suffocation. If a creature has no spells or magic items, the mana whorl is merely difficult terrain.
A creature caught in a mana whorl can attempt a DC 23 Athletics check to Swim to either raise itself by one step if submerged to the neck or worse, or to move 5 feet if submerged only to the waist. On a critical failure, the creature is pulled down by one step. A creature that Swims out of the whorl escapes the hazard and is prone in a space adjacent to the whorl. Other creatures can Aid the creature, typically by using a rope or similar aid, or attempt to pull the creature out with their own DC 23 Athletics check, with the same results as if the creature attempted the check.
If a creature has only magic items and no ability to cast spells, dropping all the items releases that creature, and it can move through the mana whorl as normal difficult terrain.
Reset The hazard continues to suck in anyone with magic until it is satiated (see Disable above). Magpies leave any satiated whorls.