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Justice PrevailsEvent +0

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 559
The authorities catch a notorious criminal, exonerate a wrongfully accused innocent, shut down a major criminal operation, or thwart a plot against a settlement. Whatever the case, some injustice that has long vexed your citizens has finally been resolved.
Kingdom Skill Statecraft; Leader Warden

Critical Success The triumph of law and justice invites celebration. Reduce Unrest by 1d6 and reduce each Ruin by 1. Alternately, if you're suffering from a continuous Bandit Activity, Cult Activity, Drug Den, Inquisition, Sacrifices, Sensational Crime, Squatters, or Vandals event, you can instead cause that event to end.
Success A celebration of the common good delights the locals. Reduce Unrest by 1d4 or reduce two Ruins of your choice by 1 each.
Failure Justice is done, but at a cost of bad publicity. If you don't Quell Unrest at least once during the next Kingdom turn, the kingdom gains 1d4 Unrest at the end of the next turn.
Critical Failure The victory is undercut by backdoor deals that let the guilty escape justice or reveal unpleasant secrets. Gain 1d4 Unrest, 2 Crime, and 1 point to another Ruin of your choice.