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Kingmaker Adventure Path

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Release Date 10/26/2022
Product Line Adventure Paths
Source Group Kingmaker

Backgrounds [7]

Borderlands Pioneer, Brevic Noble, Brevic Outcast, Issian Patriot, Local Brigand, Rostlander, Sword Scion

Conditions [14]

Concealed (Army), Defeated, Destroyed, Distant, Efficient, Engaged, Fortified, Lost, Mired, Outflanked, Pinned, Routed, Shaken, Weary

Curses [1]

Lamashtu's Bloom

Equipment [13]

Azure Lily Pollen, Briar, Lover's Knot, Mindrender Baton, Moon Radish Soup, Oculus of Abaddon, Ovinrbaane, Ring of Bestial Friendship, Ring of the Tiger, Ring of the Tiger , Ring of the Tiger (Greater), Rod of Razors, Stag's Helm

Feats [17]

Civil Service, Cooperative Leadership, Crush Dissent, Endure Anarchy, Fame and Fortune, Fortified Fiefs, Free and Fair, Insider Trading, Inspiring Entertainment, Kingdom Assurance, Liquidate Resources, Muddle Through, Practical Magic, Pull Together, Quality of Life, Quick Recovery, Skill Training (Kingdom)

Hazards [31]

Azure Lilies, Ballista Defense, Breath of Despair, Breeg's Traps, Camouflaged Spiked Pit, Collapsing Floor, Dread Aura, Dropping Web Trap, Eldritch Echoes, Endless Struggle, Falling Portcullis, Flooding Room, Nyrissa's Tempest, Orb Blast Trap, Paranoia Well, Phantasmagoric Fog Trap, Praise of Yog-Sothoth, Rickety Bridge, Scalding Tar Lake, Smoke-Filled Hallway, Spiral Seal, Stinging Nettles, Stygian Fires, Teleport Trap, Test of Agility, Test of Endurance, Test of Strength, Test of Tactics, The Power of Faith, Trapped Portcullis, Unstable Pit

Kingdom Events [40]

Archaeological Find, Assassination Attempt, Bandit Activity, Boomtown, Building Demand, Crop Failure, Cult Activity, Diplomatic Overture, Discovery, Drug Den, Economic Surge, Expansion Demand, Festive Invitation, Feud, Food Shortage, Food Surplus, Good Weather, Inquisition, Justice Prevails, Land Rush, Local Disaster, Monster Activity, Natural Disaster, Nature’s Blessing, New Subjects, Noblesse Oblige, Outstanding Success, Pilgrimage, Plague, Political Calm, Public Scandal, Remarkable Treasure, Sacrifices, Sensational Crime, Squatters, Undead Uprising, Unexpected Find, Vandals, Visiting Celebrity, Wealthy Immigrant

Kingdom Structures [74]

Academy, Alchemy Laboratory, Arcanist's Tower, Arena, Bank, Barracks, Brewery, Bridge, Castle, Cathedral, Cemetery, Construction Yard, Dump, Embassy, Festival Hall, Foundry, Garrison, General Store, Granary, Guildhall, Herbalist, Hospital, Houses, Illicit Market, Inn, Jail, Keep, Library, Lumberyard, Luxury Store, Magic Shop, Magical Streetlamps, Mansion, Marketplace, Menagerie, Military Academy, Mill, Mint, Monument, Museum, Noble Villa, Occult Shop, Opera House, Orphanage, Palace, Park, Paved Streets, Pier, Rubble, Sacred Grove, Secure Warehouse, Sewer System, Shrine, Smithy, Specialized Artisan, Stable, Stockyard, Stonemason, Tannery, Tavern, Dive, Tavern, Luxury, Tavern, Popular, Tavern, World-Class, Temple, Tenement, Theater, Thieves' Guild, Town Hall, Trade Shop, University, Wall, Stone, Wall, Wooden, Watchtower, Waterfront

Monsters [16]

Bloom Of Lamashtu, Brush Thylacine, Elk, Fetch Behemoth, Fetch Stalker, Megaloceros, Primal Bandersnatch, Risen Fetch, Thylacine, Vilderavn Herald, Whimwyrm, Wild Hunt Archer, Wild Hunt Horse, Wild Hunt Hound, Wild Hunt Monarch, Wild Hunt Scout

Rules [2]

Appendix 2: Kingdoms, Appendix 3: Warfare

Skills [16]

Agriculture, Arts, Boating, Defense, Engineering, Exploration, Folklore, Industry, Intrigue, Magic, Politics, Scholarship, Statecraft, Trade, Warfare, Wilderness

Skills (General) [12]

Abandon Hex, Build Structure, Claim Hex, Clear Hex, Establish Settlement, Establish Trade Agreement, Focused Attention, New Leadership, Pledge of Fealty, Quell Unrest, Repair Reputation, Rest and Relax

Traits [28]

Army (Kingdom—Warfare), Beneficial (Kingdom—Event), Building (Kingdom—Settlement), Cavalry (Kingdom—Warfare), Civic (Kingdom), Commerce (Kingdom), Continuous (Kingdom—Event), Dangerous (Kingdom—Event), Edifice (Kingdom—Settlement), Famous (Kingdom—Settlement), Hex-KM (Kingdom—Event), Infamous (Kingdom—Settlement), Infantry (Kingdom—Warfare), Infrastructure (Kingdom—Settlement), Kingdom (Kingdom), Leadership (Kingdom), Maneuver (Kingdom—Warfare), Morale (Kingdom—Warfare), Region (Kingdom), Residential (Kingdom—Settlement), Settlement (Kingdom—Event), Shapechanger (Monster), Siege (Kingdom—Warfare), Skirmisher (Kingdom—Warfare), Tech, Upkeep (Kingdom), Wild Hunt (Monster), Yard (Kingdom—Settlement)

Warfare Armies [11]

Cavalry, Greengripe Bombardiers, Infantry Army, Lizardfolk Defenders, M'Botuu Frog Riders, Nomen Scouts, Siege Engines, Skirmishers, Sootscale Warriors, Tiger Lord Berserkers, Tok-Nikrat Scouts

Warfare Tactics [21]

Ambush, Bloodied but Unbroken, Cavalry Experts, Darkvision, Defensive Tactics, Explosive Shot, Field Triage, Flaming Shot, Flexible Tactics, Focused Devotion, Hold the Line, Increased Ammunition, Keen Eyed, Keep up the Pressure, Live off the Land, Low-Light Vision, Merciless, Opening Salvo, Reckless Flankers, Sharpshooter, Toughened Soldiers

Weapons [1]

Aldori Dueling Sword