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Legacy Content

Continuous Dangerous Hex-KM 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 560
Location A claimed hex chosen by the GM that isn't in the influence of a settlement
A monster, or even an entire group of monsters attacks the kingdom! Determine the encounter by rolling on the random encounter table for the Stolen Lands Zone that is the same level as the kingdom's level (see the Stolen Lands Zones table on page 45). If the kingdom is 20th level, roll on the Branthlend Mountains table (page 117) and apply the elite adjustments to the creatures.
Kingdom Skill Defense; Leader Ruler

Critical Success The monsters are slain or driven off without harm to your kingdom. Even better, an unexpected claim of treasure gained from the monster lair grants 1d4 Luxuries and 2 bonus Resource Dice on the next turn.
Success The monsters attack some of your citizens but are driven off before they do too much damage. The threat persists, and while fear continues to slowly spread, your kingdom suffers no physical damage at this time. Increase Unrest by 1.
Failure The monsters' rampage terrorizes the countryside and results in frightening rumors even in the heart of the kingdom's safest cities. The closest Farmland or Work Site to the monster's hex is destroyed. Gain 1d4 Unrest and 1 Decay.
Critical Failure As failure, but the monsters' assaults spread into the settlement closest to the monster's hex, spreading the danger they represent more and more through your kingdom.
If any of your settlement's borders aren't protected by water or a wall, or if the monster can fly or swim (as appropriate) across any of your protective borders, the monster enters the settlement and one structure chosen by the players is reduced to rubble. Gain 1d4 Unrest and 2 Decay.
Otherwise, the monsters' ability to harm the settlement is hampered by your defenses. Gain 1 Unrest and one of the settlement's walls is destroyed; uncheck it on your Urban Grid.
Resolution This event continues until you achieve a critical success on the check or until the PCs step in to track down and defeat the monster(s) themselves.