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PlagueEvent +1

Legacy Content

Continuous Dangerous Settlement 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 562
Location The largest settlement in the kingdom
A deadly sickness strikes one of your settlements. You take a –2 status penalty to all Civic activities made in a settlement suffering from a plague unless the settlement has a sewer system.
Kingdom Skill Defense; Leader Ruler

Critical Success You halt the spread of the plague and are able to cure it, but even so, the plague’s effects reduce your Resource Dice on the next turn by 2.
Success The plague continues! Gain 1d4 Unrest and increase one of your Ruins by 1.
Failure The plague spreads and claims more victims. Gain 1d6 Unrest and increase all of your Ruins by 1.
Critical Failure As failure, but the plague spreads to the nearest unaffected settlement in your kingdom. Treat additional plagues in different settlements as separate continuous Plague events.
Resolution This Plague event ends if you achieve a critical success on the check or after you achieve a total of 4 successes with the Provide Care activity (a critical success with Provide Care counts as 2 successes in this case).
Special If the plague strikes a settlement that has no dumps, filth in the streets allows the disease to spread more easily. You take a –4 item penalty to checks to resolve this event. On the other hand, if a plague-stricken settlement has a sewer system, the increased sanitation provides a +2 item bonus to checks to resolve this event.