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Outstanding SuccessEvent +0

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 562
One of your kingdom's citizens brings glory to the kingdom, be it through an artistic masterpiece, an architectural marvel, a grand voyage of discovery, a landmark academic treatise, a new magical theory, or a similar discovery, as decided upon by the party.
Kingdom Skill Arts; Leader Counselor

Critical Success The citizen's success is truly legendary. Gain 3 bonus Resource Dice on your next turn.
Success This success brings fame and fortune to your kingdom. Gain 1 bonus Resource Die on your next turn.
Failure The success inspires imitators and rapidly loses its specialness, but you suffer no jealousy-driven backlash.
Critical Failure Scandal! Either the artist's sinister motives are exposed by their sudden fame, competitors work to undermine them, or the public simply refuses to accept the success. Increase Unrest by 1 +and Corruption by 1.