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Diplomatic OvertureEvent +0

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 557
Another nation or group sends an ambassador to your kingdom. The group sending the overture is randomly selected from the Negotiation DCs sidebar on page 519. If the kingdom has established diplomatic relations with that group, the event proceeds with the Statecraft check below. If the kingdom has not yet established diplomatic relations with the group, this event instead gives the kingdom the opportunity to immediately use the Send Diplomatic Envoy Leadership activity.
Kingdom Skill Statecraft; Leader Emissary

Critical Success The diplomatic meeting is incredibly successful, and you can choose two of the following benefits: gain 5 Commodities of your choice, gain an additional 2 Resource Dice at the start of your next turn, or automatically establish a trade agreement with the group.
Success As success, but choose only one benefit.
Failure Your meeting is cordial but unproductive.
Critical Failure Your diplomatic meeting goes poorly. Unless you bribe the group with either 5 Commodities of your choice or 10 RP, they break off diplomatic relations with you. Reestablishing diplomatic relations can be attempted via future Send Diplomatic Envoy activities in the usual manner, but with a –2 circumstance penalty.