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Undead UprisingEvent +0

Legacy Content

Continuous Dangerous Settlement 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 564
Location The settlement with the most cemeteries or (if no settlements have cemeteries) the largest settlement
A malign force, be it a sinister curse, a nefarious necromancer, or an invasion of ghouls, vampires, or other undead-creating monsters, causes the dead to rise from their graves and threaten the settlement.
Kingdom Skill Folklore; Leader Magister

Critical Success The undead are defeated.
Success The undead are temporarily contained with little physical damage to your settlement, but the populace still grow fearful each night. Increase Unrest by 1.
Failure The undead prey upon your citizens! Increase Unrest by 1d4 and one Ruin of your choice by 1.
Critical Failure The undead gain the advantage and bring disaster. Increase Unrest by 2d4, all Ruins by 1, and one non-cemetery lot in your settlement (chosen by the players) is reduced to rubble.
Resolution A critical success on the check ends this continuous event. Alternately, the GM can create a short adventure for the PCs to track down and destroy the source of the undead uprising.
Special Increase the event's level modifier by 1 for each Graveyard in the settlement, to a maximum of +4.