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Wealthy ImmigrantEvent +2

Legacy Content

Beneficial Continuous Settlement 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 565
Location The kingdom's capital
A rich merchant or prominent noble from another land is impressed with your kingdom and asks to construct an estate in your kingdom's capital. If you give permission, proceed with this event. If you deny the request, this event doesn't occur; the next time you have a Wealthy Immigrant event, increase the event's level modifier by 1.
Kingdom Skill Industry; Leader Emissary

Critical Success The immigrant constructs a noble villa, free of charge and without you having to Build the Structure in an available spot in the capital. If there isn't enough room in the capital, the immigrant builds in the largest settlement that has enough room.
Success As critical success, except the immigrant instead constructs a mansion.
Failure The immigrant isn't quite sure where they want to build, but they continue looking.
Critical Failure After sending representatives, the immigrant decides not to build a home in your settlement after all, disappointing the local aristocracy. Increase Unrest by 1.
Resolution Achieve a success, critical success, or critical failure against this event.