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PFS LimitedStag's HelmItem 6

This Item may contain spoilers from the Kingmaker Adventure Path

Rare Divination Invested Magical 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 589
Price 240 gp
Usage worn headwear; Bulk
This impressive-looking helmet is crafted to resemble the skull of a mighty stag. Although made from bone, the antlers and helm are as strong as iron. While the Stag Lord himself wears this helmet in the Kingmaker Adventure Path, stag's helms are actually the creation of the church of Erastil, and worshipers of this deity find that the helm is not only particularly comfortable to wear, but that they can activate it once per hour rather than once per day.

Rather than restrict the senses, a stag's helm enhances them, causing the world to appear in more vibrant colors and significantly enhancing the ambient sounds of the region without making them distracting. While worn, it grants a +1 item bonus to Perception checks.

Activate [free-action] Frequency once per day (or once per hour if the wearer worships Erastil); Effect Choose a single creature within 30 feet. The stag's helm focuses your aim and grants supernatural insight into your next shot. Your target is flat-footed to the next ranged Strike you make this turn against them.